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A review of the best home security camera systems for 2019

Your security and that of your family is vital and should be a priority for everyone. At most times, you cannot control things that will ensure paramount safety for your family. There are however several measures devised to ensure there is something you can do to ensure the safety of your home. One of those measures is installing CCTV cameras in and around your home. There is a perception that security cameras are best suited for businesses only disregardingthe fact that your home is one of your biggest investments. CCTV cameras can beplaced both indoor and outdoor and whenever you want to want to purchase asecurity camera, it is good to determine the one that suits you best. Here arethe top 4 security cameras for 2019.

1. Netgear Arlo Pro 2

The NetgearArlo Pro 2 outdoor security camera can be considered the best camera for 2019 because it offers stunning features, superior to the rest. It is an outdoor security camera that works properly with other smart devices in your home. Its 1080p video resolution with a free cloud and local storage option takes outstanding video quality. The camera can also record instances when something a miss is going one to enable you to peruse each time you want to review.


• Superb quality videos

• It is waterproof

• Its batteries are rechargeable

• The security camera supports IFTTT and Axela voice commands

• The recorded videos are pre-buffered

• It has the capabilities to record for long periods

• The camera offers free and subscribed-based cloud storage


• The price of the camera is quite high

• Many of its features are only available when it is fully compatible with the internet connection

2. Wyze Cam Pan

The Wyze Cam Pan is an indoor security camera loaded with features meant to make internalmonitoring of security an easy task. It is quite inexpensive and affordable formost homesteads. Its features include motion tracking, tilt and panmechanicals, local and cloud based storage options which are fully supported byAxela and IFTTT.


• Friendly price

• It incorporates a motion tracking feature

• The quality of its video is 1080p

• It has mechanical and tilt modes of operation

• It entails local storage as well as free cloud storage


• Its alarm system does not work properly

• Is has a small barrel distortion

3. D-Link Full Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH

We recently had the opportunity to speak to a data recovery company in Jacksonville Florida that also performs security risk assessments told us that this is a relatively affordable security camera for use at home with its outstanding features. Its features include free local and cloud storage and recording options, sound and motion alerts, and it can integrate with other smart home devices.


• It has a sharp video resolution of 1080p

• It’s local and cloud storage options are both free

• Is supports Google and Axela voice commands

• It has sound and motion detection


• It has a slight barrel distortion

4.iSmart Alarm iCamera Keep Pro

This security has a range of features that match its high price. The security camera offers mechanical pan and tilt, motion tracking, time-lapse recording and freecloud storage and recording of high quality videos.


• It has sharp quality videos

• It incorporates motion tracking

• It has both cloud and local storage

• The time-lapse feature is superb on this camera


• The security camera expensive

• The tilt and pan features are quite slow

It is good to ensure that you can monitor and survey your home even when you are at work or on vacation to deter any unwanted guests. Surveillance reduces instances of theft and saves your family from agony, fear or injury.